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Urban Edge Microenterprise

Adults with developmental disabilities have the capability and desire to work. Just like anyone, they strive for respect and they aspire to live as independently as possible. Despite these desires and abilities, many remain unemployed or underemployed in today’s economy. Diverse Journeys have a commitment to developing micro enterprise opportunities to meet individual skills, gifts and attributes, so we can empower and change that path for each individual with the desire to work. We have achieved this goal by developing and further extending our RELATIONSHIP with HOPE Inc., together we want to be that catalyst in changing this reality.

Urban Edge offers people real work, real experience and real paychecks! They are leaning how to manage their own Mowing & Blowing Business, how to handle customer service, how to provide quality services and navigate problems as they arrive in a cost effective manner.  

Your responsibility at work is to help people achieve more than they know they are capable of
— Simon Sinek