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Family Home Services

The Family Home Model promotes acceptance, straight talk and loving relationships that promotes a reduction or cessation of behaviors.

In the late 1960's, psychologists Elaine Phillips, Elery Phillips, Dean Fixsen, and Montrose Wolf developed an empirically tested treatment program to help individuals with intellectual disabilities who had been assigned to residential group homes. These researchers combined the successful components of their studies into the Teaching-Family Model, which offers a structured support regimen in a family-like environment.

The model is built around a committed couple (teaching-parents) that lives with the client’s in a home and teaches them essential interpersonal and living skills. Not only have teaching parents' behaviors and techniques been assessed for their effectiveness, but they have also been empirically tested for whether individuals like them. Teaching-parents also work with the children's parents, teachers, employers, and peers to ensure support for the individual’s positive changes.

Couples are selected to be teaching-parents based on their ability to provide individualized and affirming care. Teaching-parents then undergo an intensive year-long training process

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