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The economic self-sufficiency and independence of people with disabilities depends largely on their capacity to maintain financial stability. As a group, they are among those with the highest poverty rates, lowest educational levels, lowest average incomes, and highest out-of-pocket expenses.

With your help we can assist our clients to reach and maintain financial stability through furniture, household/toiletry, electronics and bedding donations that will help make their new house a home. Financial assistance helps us to buy clothing for that important job interview or to buy materials for school, furnish apartments, buy new sheets and towels, etc. It will also assist us with other expenses such as special diet needs, new shoes, or saving up for a special trip.

Many of the people we support do not have the love of a family around them. With your help we can be that family.

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Those who are happiest, are those who do the most for others.
— Buddha
Every purchase you make on Amazon helps us!

Every purchase you make on Amazon helps us!